...really short but i hope it's ok

I ♥ly welcome you at my homepage.


Music is my life --  -- Music is my therapy 


I'm a homerecorder, percussionist and wanna share my work with you. So i hope you enjoy my music destillations.

All the songs can be prelistened with a flashplayer. So you can find the titles you like. Download my music for free.



If you need a player --> flashplayer download


My friend DJ Ali-X (Tribal Energy) plays the techno records in different locations while I'm drumming on stage Djembe /Darabouka /Cajon to the music. So we push up the people and have a very nice party all together.


Thank you for support ..:: frequence destiller ::..



- I'm 42 years old

- Hometown near Stuttgart - Germany




Always working for you and sorry for my bad english (ʘ͜Ѳ)